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Paul. Owner, manager  (kind of.. see below). You know how people ask you "What do you want to be when you grow up?", and at different stages of your life, you may have different answers for that question? I believe the first person to ask me that question was my third grade teacher Mrs. Lagraffe. I told her I was going to be an artist. Along a very winding path, I came to making a living from creating artwork. I have been airbrushing commercially since 1995.

Renée keeps the shop in working order from the natural chaos that are the goings on of Old Orchard Beach. She runs counter during the day shifts, and is the Manager of all duties and staff in the shop. She enjoys time with her family of 3 lovely daughters, 1 awesome puppy, and her husband, (in that order) :D

Vie. Sales manager. Vie, a.k.a. Viesté, has been a part of our team for quite a while (since she could fit in one of the T-shirt boxes). She works full time @ Wayfair as well as helping out here in OOB. Vie speaks French as well. One often can hear "M'aidez!" being yelled amongst the employees to call her over to assist our shop best communicate with our Northern Neighbors.

Kara is coming into her fourth season as an airbrush artist. She is very boisterous and vocal with customers, and tenacious in all things artistic. She is attending college for business administration, and works as a professional consultant for the Special Operations Group "Whiskey Cavalier". Kara loves social gatherings and dairy products.

David is here for his fifth season as sales staff, as well as the new resident computer applied graphics/decal man. He is studying Communications and New Media in college. David enjoys 80's synth music & free fall base jumping.

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