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About Us

Paul Carney. Owner, manager. You know how people ask you "What do you want to be when you grow up?", and at different stages of your life, you may have different answers for that question? I believe the first person to ask me that question was my third grade teacher Mrs. Lagraffe. I told her I was going to be an artist. Along a very winding path, I came to making a living from creating artwork. I have been airbrushing commercially since 1995.

Noah has quite a few years of airbrushing under his belt, and just recently (2014) dove into the "resort area" airbrush world. He enjoys custom orders with extremely tight pick up times, and long walks on the beach. He hates gourmet coffee and quality dining establishments.

Our newest Padawan airbrush artist, Kristen is a cat lady and Ed Sheeran fanatic. Heading off to Penn State in the fall, she loves math and hates lobster.

Vie. Sales manager. Vie, a.k.a. Viesté, has been a part of our team for quite a while (since she could fit in one of the T-shirt boxes). She is studying International Affairs, French, Economics, and Political Science at the University of Maine when she's not managing the shop. Vie speaks French as well. One often can hear "M'aidez!" being yelled amongst the employees to call her over to assist our shop best communicate with our Northern Neighbors.

Kelsey is coming into her third season as sales staff. She is studying at University of Maine Farmington to teach elementary school. Our resident text-aholic, loves social media, and Peanut Butter Pie.

Jocelyn is our newest addidtion to the sales staff. Jocelyn will be entering her second summer of being a cashier for us. You can count on her to greet you with a big smile, and to steal your meatball subs. Her best qualities include her fast learning skills, constant questions, and food runs. Be sure to visit the shop during her shift to get great customer service and cheesy jokes only she will laugh at.

Paige, Sales staff. Working her second summer at Old Orhcard Beach Airbrush, Paige works two other jobs and will most likely be running soley on Red Bull when she takes your order. When she's not working or chugging caffeine, she's either cheering, talking about cheering, or petting her 4 cats. Paige loves to smile and laugh, but she usually doesn't get half the jokes that her coworkers make, so it ends up being a smile and a nod.


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